As you probably know Dave and I are full-time in our R V and are part of an organizations called SOWERS – Servants On Wheels Ever Ready. We just completed our 12th month long project! We’ve been able to serve in several different states and are enjoying this travel and most of it is with a purpose.

This month, January 2023, we had the opportunity and privilege to serve as SOWERS at Sherry White Ministries in Wauchula, FL. Sherry White started this ministry about 20 years ago, and has been able to bring in women who have lived lives of destruction and ruin through drugs, sex, alcohol, or addictions of any kind. Through God,they help them to restore their lives. We were even able to witness the graduation of one of the participants who completed the year long program and re-unite as a loving couple with a 17-year marriage successfully restored.

The women come to this ministry voluntarily, completely broken and do not have to pay for anything. Since they take no government funding and no money from the participants, the ministry is funded through the two thrift stores they have, the bike shop where they repair and sell the bikes in the thrift stores, the tea house ( which is currently closed due to hurricane damage ) and donations.

The five SOWER couples this month helped out by working in the thrift stores, helping with maintenance, repair and rebuilding a bunch of bikes. Sometimes the bikes are given away too, if there is a need. The ministry also owns Pioneer Village (aka, the farm ) about 4 miles from town. The farm consists of a few acres, a family center building, a chapel that is under construction, a General Store Museum, two rustic cabins, a pond, some barns and a menagerie of animals. This property used to be more for tours and carriage rides and visiting the animals is my understanding. Now, it seems to be used more to help in the healing of the participants. Periodically family are able to come visit and that usually takes place in the family center.

Spending time outdoors and helping to take care of the animals and the grounds is therapeutic for the participants. The animals consist of a bunch of chickens, some goats, some sheep, two emus, two horses, a donkey, a few dogs and a girl pig named Earl.

Here are several pictures from our time here this month. One day four of us ladies were able to go to a neighboring town to a tea house there and after a wonderful lunch, we clowned around a little in a separate room they have there called the Mad Hatter.

The numerous hens and roosters come to visit us every now and then.