We’ve been at Camp Realife in Vero Beach since the end of October for the November SOWER project https://sowerministry.org/ Realife is a Christian Youth Camp and Retreat Center in Vero Beach and they have another location in Marianna, Florida.https://realife.org/

Working with SOWERS here for the last 3 weeks we completed numerous projects they had on their “wish list”. While we were here they hosted two youth groups for a weekend. And, they had a women’s retreat scheduled that had to be moved to the other campus because of that “nuisance” Nicole. We had some wind and rain here, but since it was a category one hurricane; not too much damage. Most of the damage was north of us.

Here are a few pictures from the project work we did.

Vero is a nice area located on the Atlantic side of the state in South Florida between Melbourne and Port St. Lucie. The population is only about 16,000 but in the winter, like now, they get quite a few snowbirds. We visited the city a few times. Went to the farmers market a couple times, walked around a park and played pickle ball for the first time.

Tank, the Camp Dog
Off to work…

Below are some pictures from around Camp Realife-Vero Beach, Florida

Vero Beach is about an hour and half from Orlando. Since it’s close to Christmas and we didn’t have anything scheduled, another couple and us made a trip to Disney Springs to check out the Christmas lights and decorations. Here’s a few pictures from there.

We will be at the Realife camp in Vero Beach through most of December until we move to our next project at Sherry White Ministries in Wachula, Florida. Before we go there, we will spend a few days in Titusville, Florida and visit Cape Canaveral. In the meantime,while here and when we’re not working, we are working with an online business coach. She’s in the picture above, but I didn’t highlight her. She’ll help us transform our blog into a website and Youtube channel. We hope to have it up and working within the next couple months. We’ll keep you updated on our progress. It’s a major learning curve for sure!

Please be sure to take time to enjoy the upcoming holidays and time with family and friends.

Until, next time…