1 ) If you see some crazed grey-haired woman around the house, call the police, will ya? I had to call them twice last month! It’s my ex-mother-in-law.

2) The kids are still learning to drive.

3) We’ll get around to restoring this R V soon. We just got it last year.

4) You probably don’t want to ask her how much she weighs now!

5) They never did catch that guy breaking into the houses in our neighborhood. I think he lives down the street here.

6) Oh yeah, the HOA isn’t that bad. Not too many regulations.

7) Get a kangaroo, they said. Great pets, they said. The durn thing won’t stay in the yard!

8) This is the best place to watch a parade. They always come down our street. We get to watch a couple a year.

9) I can’t tell if these are ants or termites that I’ve been seeing around your place.

10) Everyone said your house was haunted. I never did believe it.

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