The third of the Pensacola series… These are some of my favorite things to see and do while we’re in Pensacola. And, a couple of my favorite restaurants. You may have noticed by now, I love visiting new places and try to share them with pictures and a few words about the experience. Here’s a few, but they are not listed in any particular order.

Off course you have to see the iconic Pensacola Beach sign and the Beach Ball on Pensacola Beach. The sign was first placed in Gulf Breeze, Florida near the bridge to Pensacola Beach in 1960 and has been maintained, even with new LED lights added since then. Many hurricanes have tried to destroy it, but it keeps coming back. The Beach Ball is a non-functioning water tower that sits in the parking lot by Casino Beach on Pensacola Beach. It takes up a couple of parking spaces, but who cares! It’s an icon that’s been there for years and we love it.

Flounders is on the sound side of Pensacola Beach and has some great outside seating as well as live entertainers many evenings. They also have a very nice indoor, air conditioned dining room. The menu is vast but make sure you leave room for the “to die for” triple decker Key Lime Pie.

Shaggy’s is another fun, good, family friendly, place to eat. This is also on Pensacola Beach. You can sit inside if you prefer. I like to sit ouside overlooking Little Sabine Bay. The food and appetizers are delicious and you can get a fun picture made while you’re being eaten by a shark!

Once you’re done eating, why not head off for a little history and explore Fort Pickens. Fair warning – there is a charge to get into the fort area, but it’s well worth it. The best options for seniors is the National Park Senior Pass. I’ve added the link so you can check it our more for yourself.

Besides the fort itself, you can walk the trails, fish, access both the beach and the intercoastal sound side of the island and camp. Below are a few pictures.

More information can be found about Fort Pickens at this website

If you’re interested in camping at Fort Pickens, go here to make your reservation

Of course you can visit the Beach on the Gulf of Mexico in several places on Pensacola Beach. It is absolutely beautiful and the white sand sings as you walk on it. The sand is actually white quartz crystal washed down from the Applachian mountains and when you scoot your feet along on the sand it makes a humming sound kind of like when you rub your finger on the rim of a crystal glass.

Pictured below is a dining location on Pensacola Beach locals may recognize.

Now lets go in to Pensacola. Be sure to notice the Graffiti Bridge as you come in to Pensacola from the beach and Gulf Breeze. It changes constantly and there are some great artists in the area. It is a VERY LOW bridge and large vehicles run in to it constantly. If you’re driving anything larger than a standard car or pick up truck, you probably shouldn’t even try to drive under it.

Pensacola Grraffiti Bridge

Another fun place to eat is McGuire’s Irish Pub and Brewery. It’s located on Gregory Street In Pensacola. I won’t even try to describe all the uniqueness about it. It is a fun place and very unusally decorated. There’s live entertainment many nights. At times the Bagpipers stroll through the dining area and you even have the opportunity to kiss the moose.

Papa’s Tacos -This is a great Authentic Mexican restaurant I recently discovered. Check it out. It’s located on East Olive Road in Pensacola.

After you’ve enjoyed a great meal at one of these restaurants you may want to go on a Pelican Search. Here’s a few pictures of some of the Pelicans located all around town

Before you leave Pensacola, why not take in a baseball game? The Blue Wahoos are a double A affiliate of the Miami Marlins. They have one of the most picturesque ballparks in the country. Be sure to check it out

The last stop I’m going to show you is another one of my favorite outdoor restaurants. It seems I enjoy sitting outside and the closer to water the better. This one is also in Pensacola and is called The Oar House on Bayo Chico on South Pace Blvd.

Well, that’s it for Pensacola. Let’s see what the next blog post is about. Until then….