Kind of Interesting and I’ve never heard of this before. Vero Beach Florida was first incorporated as a city in St. Lucie County in 1919 and named Vero. In 1925, it changed its name to Vero Beach AND changed counties. It’s now a city in Indian River County. It’s on the Atlantic side of Florida about 190 miles south of Jacksonville and about 135 miles north of Miami. We didn’t spend much time in the city but did discover that it has some very nice parks with frequently planned events.

We haven’t had much experience with Atlantic side beaches. We’ve been on them a couple of times, but that was a long time ago. In our previous post, I wrote about our time at Camp Anderson-Vero Beach. Since we were here, and we had time off at the camp, we went to check out the beaches.

This is a selfie picture we took from the sidewalk at North Vero Beach. Where this picture was taken was at the end of the parking lot with Restaurants and Stores on both sides. There were stairs leading down to the beach. The water was beautiful, and to us, the beach seemed a little narrow. The sand was the color you see in the background and a little coarser than we see on the Gulf Side.

With some exploring on another day, we found the Southside Vero Beach. Access to that beach was through a park via a boardwalk to the beach. The day we went there, it wasn’t quite as windy so we spent a little more time walking on the beach and sticking our toes in the water, which was very cold, by the way. After all, it was in December! And, our understanding is the Atlantic water is much cooler than the Gulf water. This beach was much wider than the Northside beach and we enjoyed it much more.

Since it’s been a long time since we’ve seen the sun come up over the ocean, we decided to get up very early and go back to Southside Beach and take in the sunrise. We got up VERY early. It was dark when we got there. We needed the flashlight to find the boardwalk. The stars in the night sky were amazing. For about 30-45 minutes we were the only ones on the beach. Slowly a few others showed up. Some walking dogs or meeting up with friends to jog on the beach and one couple were doing Yoga.

At the first glow of the sun, we started snapping photos both on the camera and on our phones. A couple times on my camera, I hit that button that continually snaps photos. I think we ended up with over 100 photos. Needless to say, there’s not much difference between a lot of them. Below you will see some of the better ones.

After we finished up our time on the project at Camp Anderson, we moved on up the coast. We spent two nights at Cherry Blossom Campground in Central City Florida to visit with some friends we worked with when we were houseparents at the Florida Sherrif Boys Ranch.

When we left there, we headed up the coast a little further to St. Augustine to meet up with our younger son, daughter in law and grandson. We stayed at Sun Outdoors campground in St. Augustine and spent a few days there touring Old Town St. Augustine and taking in the Night of Lights. That will be in our next post.

Until then….