Today is Saturday, November 20,2021. We finished up our first project here at Camp Westminster in Conyers, Georgia on Thursday. Dave worked the whole time tiling showers in one of the buildings and Robyn worked the whole time deep cleaning cabins and dorm rooms while we were here. There’s a lot of them too!

The camp is very nice. It sits on 135 acres and it’s fall here now with beautiful, colorful leaves still on the trees. The staff that are here are the ones that are here year-round and they have been so nice. It’s been a joy getting to know them. Besides summer camps, this camp hosts different groups for retreats. While those groups have been here, we’ve been able to eat meals in the dining room at the same time they’re here. We’ve enjoyed that. The kitchen staff does a great job. Once a week the camp has a “SOWER lunch” for us. One of the staff member that loves to cook prepares lunch and some of the staff are invited to attend as well. They don’t invite all the staff but vary who comes at different times so that we get to visit with different ones each week. Very nice idea. And, on our last workday here, they gave us all camp volunteer t-shirts. Another added bonus.

There were only two other couples assigned to this project. We enjoyed getting to know them. One couple, who are from Nebraska, have been working and traveling as SOWERS for 17 years! The other couple that was here is from Georgia and has been SOWERS for a year. It’s been interesting hearing about the different experiences on the road as well as experiences at the different projects.

Once a week, on Thursday evenings, the 6 of us have been getting together for a game night. Below is a picture of all of us on our last game night at the end of the work project.

Robyn should have been smiling instead of trying to make sure the remote for the camera was working :>)

Thanksgiving Day we’re heading off for our next assignment in Vero Beach, Fl. That’s where our next post will be from.

Until then,

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