We are Dave and Robyn Koppin. We’ve been married almost 50 years. We raised two great sons who are now two great husbands and fathers. Dave grew up in Ohio and Robyn primarily on Air Force bases. Dave worked for many years at the same business while Robyn apparently couldn’t decide what she wanted to do and worked many different types of jobs. In 2003, they made the move from Ohio to Milton, Florida in the panhandle near Pensacola.

After moving to Florida, Dave started his Home Improvement business and Robyn worked in Plant Operations at a local hospital. The purpose of moving to Florida, besides the weather, was to work together. So, after about 11 years of Home Improvement and hospital work, they became house parents. This was good for a few years, but the urge to travel was still there. Workcamping was good for that. We got to work at a location in Hillsville Virginia, one in Savannah Georgia, and one in Milton. All this time, we owned a house in Milton. We moved back into our house for a year but we still wanted to travel more. The opportunity to join SOWERS http://www.sowerministry.org came up. We met the qualifications, signed up, and started this new adventure.

SOWERS stands for Servants on Wheels Ever Ready. SOWERS serve non-profit Christian organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada. Service can be in the form of working at a Summer Camp helping to get cabins ready for the next camping season; assisting at a children’s home or school with tutoring, helping in the kitchen, painting dorms whatever needs to be done. The host organization provides full hook-up RV locations for the number of SOWERS they request to come to their property. SOWERS commit to be there for one month. At this time there are over 170 project locations available where SOWERS can work.

Our plan is to travel around the country, spending one month at a time, working at as many locations as we can.

As we do this, we will write about the travel, the project we’re working on, the city and surrounding area of the project, maybe some history and as many pictures as we can. Our hope is that you enjoy the posts, give us feedback and share this site with others.

We also plan to continue to work on improving the site to make it look more appealing and interesting. It’s a work in progress.

So here we go. I hope you enjoy it!